Rules and Guidelines

The purchase of a space or admission at Nate’s constitutes an agreement to comply with rules and regulations. Nate’s reserves the right to deny space to any seller, or admission to any person.

Reserved sellers must be in their spaces by 7:00 am sharp. Nate’s reserves the right to sell any unoccupied space after 7:00 am. All sellers must have their merchandise off the lot in a manner that allows for lot cleaning by 5:00 pm. Sellers who fail to comply WILL be charged a fee.

Any merchandise left on the lot after 5:00 pm shall be deemed abandoned by the seller. Nate’s may remove and dispose of such property without liability. Nate’s may hold the seller responsible for all costs incurred disposing of such property.

Prohibited Items: fireworks, handguns, and explosives, drug paraphernalia, live animals, any pornographic material, trade marked/couterfeit merchandise

No refunds