Making Reservations

Advance Reservations: Plan ahead and drive right in!
If you want to ensure yourself a space or if you have a particular area you want to sell in, you must do so in advance. You must make your reservations in person and pay in cash, OR over the phone by credit card. All payments are nonrefundable. Sellers must be in their reserved space and out of the aisles by 7:00 am. Nate’s reserves the right to sell any unoccupied space after 7:00 am.

There are several ways to reserve your space depending on your needs. Each seller’s space is apprx. 12′x18′. You will need to rent enough space to fit all your merchandise and your vehicle. Access to electrical outlets is available at a limited number of spaces at an additional charge.

Daily Purchase of Spaces: Load up and come on out!
If spaces are purchased at the gate the day you want to sell, they may be assigned when you register at the registration booth. Spaces are assigned on a space available basis, however there will be only a limited number of spaces available if any at all. On weekends, “Sell outs” are a definite possibility, leaving no spaces available the day you want to sell.