Inclement Weather Policy

How does Nate’s Swap Shop define ‘A Bad Weather Day’?

We define “Bad Weather” for our sellers as:

  • Precipitation in the form of rain or snow – Before noon/12:00pm, precipitation must be a minimum ¼ inch of rain (or 2 inches of snow accumulation).
  • Extreme cold – temperature at or below 40° F (as of noon/12:00pm that day)
  • Extreme heat – temperature at or above 95° F (as of noon/12:00pm that day)

What are the options for a Seller if the local forecast calls for bad weather?

If you are concerned about the possibility of bad/inclement weather because of a local forecast, these are your options:

Not taking any chances? You must cancel by Thursday at noon/4:00pm. No questions asked and no penalty for doing so. (Refunds issued as credits, applicable to a future selling date.)

Waiting until the last minute? You may cancel for bad weather on the morning of the market by leaving a message at 888.888.8888. But, if you guess wrong and it is not a qualifying, bad weather day (or if you choose not to show up at all), NO REFUND CREDIT is given.

If you come to market and are set up, you are obligated to pay the full amount due, even if you decide not to work the whole day.

EXCEPTIONS TO THE ABOVE RULES MAY BE ENFORCED FOR UNEXPECTED SEVERE WEATHER ALERTS, at which point we’ll make an announcement and inform all Sellers and Shoppers to seek immediate shelter. Refund Credits will be pro-rated in the event of an unexpected market day interruption or termination.

Remember we’re talking about actual weather experienced at the marketplace – not a forecast. We offer our Sellers this Bad Weather policy in good faith and as we always try to have a fair and equitable for all participants involved.

When the weather is truly bad, vendors who have called in advance to notify us of their cancellation will not be charged. We understand how weather turns on a dime so we would prefer you to come back and sell with us again without incurring penalty for something out of your control.