Tips for Our Shoppers

Thank you for coming out, and please let us know how we can improve our marketplace going forward. We want you to enjoy your time with us and our Sellers. Please observe the tips below to get the most enjoyment from your day with us.

Restrooms are also located inside as well. There will be food vendors onsite as we establish ourselves in this location and gain some traction with the community.

Pets – Sorry, due to local and state regulations, pets are not allowed at The Marketplace. Certified service animals are welcome once verified upon arrival to our location.

If You Love It – You should buy it before it’s gone! But remember, most purchases are final at the time of sale. Check with the Seller in advance of making purchases to understand their policy. If you experience any difficulty with one of our sellers, please let us know. We will step in to offer 100 complete satisfaction for both parties.

Be a “Nice Shopper” – If someone is looking at something you may have interest in, please wait for them to put down that particular item to confirm their decision not to purchase it. After they’ve expressed disinterest in the product, then move to go view it afterwards.

Finding Your Way Around – Make sure to walk the entire Marketplace. You will regularly find new merchandise, artisan crafts, antiques, garage sales or new collectibles every weekend to have more selection down each side of every aisle and walkway.

Refunds – When buying new merchandise, make sure the Seller will give you a replacement or refund if it’s defective. If you have trouble returning or exchanging a defective item, immediately contact a Staff Employee or Supervisor to assist. Most antique, collectible, used or garage sale merchandise is usually sold “as is”.

Check Electrical Items Before Leaving – Electrical outlets are located near the Concessions Area. You can test your electrical item(s) there to see that they are in proper working order.

When to Haggle (and when to not) – The majority of garage sale Sellers will come down a little in their price. But Sellers of new merchandise generally stick to the posted price. If you have any doubt, ask anyway since there’s no harm done and the Seller can always say no.

Vendors are people too – Many of our vendors are small businesses and local artists. Support their decision and help them achieve their dream. Do not intentionally criticize any of their products, even if you disagree with its value. Please do not be overtly rude to them, as politeness can help you negotiate. Buying items in multiples may also allow a Seller to discount their price a bit.

Plan Ahead When Buying a Large Item – Think about how you’re going to get larger items home. Most of our Sellers do not deliver, although some may have a warehouse where you may pick up your purchase at a later time. If you need a tape measure, contact a Staff Supervisor to provide a tape measure and assist you in figuring out if your purchase will fit into your vehicle.

Have a Good Idea of What You Want (but be open to surprises) – Even though you may have something specific in mind that day, if you are alert, you may be surprised by an unexpected find! Be Aware of Retail Pricing – It will help you to recognize bargains at our Marketplace if you know what desired items cost you in the retail stores.

Bring Cash – Although some vendors who sell new merchandise may accept checks and credit cards, most sellers are “cash and carry”. Small bills will be helpful in paying for items as well as negotiating price. An ATM is also available inside the building by the concessionaire.

Wear the Right Clothes (Be aware of the weather) – Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are a must when shopping. You should also consider wearing a hat as protection from the sun and applying sunscreen as needed. Light clothing on warm days and sweatshirts or windbreakers on cool days will also make your shopping experience more pleasant.

Arrive Early – By arriving early you can take advantage of the first offerings and larger selections available at our onsite garage sales, antiques/collectibles and new merchandise Seller Spaces. Also, you will have more time to browse, compare prices and merchandise.