Do any spaces have electricity?

Yes, we do have spaces that have electrical outlets. The price varies depending on location and size of your vehicle.

Are pets allowed in the Swap Shop?

Although we are animal LOVERS, our insurance doesn’t allow any pets on the property.

Are there stroller or wheelchair rentals available?

No, there are none available at this time.

Are BBQ grills allowed in the Swap Shop?

No, for insurance purposes no grills are allowed on the property.

Are vendors allowed to stay overnight at the Swap Shop?

Yes, however there will be a $5 reservation fee (possibly higher if advanced reservations) applied and it must be understood there is no security and Nate’s is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise.

How much is admission, and how much is it to sell?

Please see costs associated under the “Vendors” section on our website.

Are there ATM machines available?

No, there are none on the premise.

Do you have a senior discount for admission?

We do not offer admission discounts unless we have an advertised special promotion.